Brick-loving kids will be bowled over by designer Dave DeGobbi’s new Lego concept, Crawler Town. The story of Crawler Town begins with an end… the inhabitants of this steam-punk world have exploited the earth’s natural resources and can only find life’s simple luxuries “like pizza, fresh vegetables and beer” while vacationing at moving structures like Crawler Town. Yes, the environmental lesson this toy teaches is a pretty dark one (it’s best suited for older kids) but in all of this, forced by necessity, the townspeople have figured out a more energy efficient means of survival.

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Vehicles in Crawler Town are powered by hydrogen cells, and solar panels and wind turbines play prominent roles in the town’s infrastructure. The town’s mobile design is such that it allows access to what limited resources still exist.

In executing the project, DeGobbi realized the Crawler Town was quickly evolving from a purely steam-punk aesthetic to something more environmentally grand, “a roaming city where self sustainability and eco efficiency became the theme.” Naturally this begged for a new designation, so Crawler Town falls under what Dave calls “Eco-punk,” and there’s no doubt that this city rocks.

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