Nearly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. will receive emergency food assistance this year and nearly 3 million of them are under the age of 5. That’s why David Arquette, Plum Organics, Dr. Alan Greene, and ecomom founders Jody Sherman and Emily Blakeney have teamed up to help fight childhood hunger in the U.S. With every purchase made on, no matter how big or small, a child between the ages of 4 and 18 months will be fed for a whole day. Ecomom is hoping to feed over 100,000 children this year.

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On May 30, Jody, Emily, David and Dr. Greene kicked off their initiative by feeding over 75,000 children in NY, LA, Indiana and Las Vegas at various shelters, food pantries and missions. Each month, they will continue to deliver food and expand their delivery areas. Jody, ecomom’s CEO believes, “This initiative is the next logical philanthropic step for ecomom. Moms get to feed their families AND feed children in need – that’s what, ‘It’s All Good’, the company’s motto, is all about.”

In 2009, the first product line ecomom began carrying was the newly launched Plum Organics which sells portable baby food in light weight pouches. “The first year of solid foods is arguably the most important in our lives,” said Dr. Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, Founder of and ecomom board member. “Babies and toddlers’ growing bodies and brains are built from the food they eat, giving them healthy amounts of great food is one of the bests gifts we can give.” That’s why ecomom chose to donate the wholesome nutritious Plum Organic  baby and toddler foods to the food pantries.

Ecomom carries a wide selection of organic skin care products, food, eco-friendly gear, toys, health and safety products, diapers and more. Some of the ecomom trusted partners are Plum Organics, Skip Hop, Plan Toys, Ergo, Orbit, Rockin’ Green, Kids Konserve, Under the Nile, Episencial, and Green Toys.

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