Most vegan parents have become accustomed to packing their children their own lunch and snacks to ensure their little ones get plant-based food throughout the day, but parents in Helsinki, Finland may just get a little kitchen reprieve: the City Board recently approved a year-long vegan food trial at 20 city daycares that would provide vegan options at breakfast, lunch, and snack. Since only a small percentage of the 21,000 families utilizing the daycare services are actually vegan, there is plenty of opposition to this trial, which still needs to be approved by the larger City Council. Some of the arguments appear to be financially based, since officials estimate that providing these vegan alternatives will cost an additional €4.40 per child per day (which works out to be a hefty €123,000 difference that would be passed on to citizens each year). This estimate got us wondering what they are planning on including in the vegan meals and snacks, since meat, dairy, and eggs are often much pricier than vegan staples such as beans, vegetables, and fruits. Of course, fresh fruit and veggies (especially if they are organic), will result in a higher cost than foods such as potato chips, pretzels, and other typical snack fare, but we hope Helsinki gets on board with the idea that healthy vegan food can be affordable and simple. We’ve got quite a few recipes in our archives to prove it!

via Ecorazzi and YLE

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