What better way to nurture your child’s love of books than by displaying all of their favorite titles on this delightful tree-shaped bookshelf?! When our editors spotted this adorable Tree Bookshelf at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last week, we fell in love. Designer Shawn Soh‘s “Tree Bookshelf” has not an ounce of the stodginess that traditional rectangular shelving units have, instead reflecting the natural fun and wonder of reading, with their organic designs!

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This concept behind the design came from Shawn’s early memories of sticking letters on tree branches. Unlike a regular bookshelf, Tree Bookshelf’s branch-shaped ‘shelves’ are very forgiving, meaning that books don’t need to be put back neatly. The organic nooks and crannies are perfect for tucking away toys and treasures too.

Rather than using wood for the design, which involves a ton of cutting and wasting of trees, Shawn decided to use steel, which is durable and easy to recycle. Each bookshelf takes one week to produce and every process including the welding and bending is done by hand.

+ Shawn Soh