Pregnant moms-to-be can now teach their kids about two of the ‘three R’s’ while they’re still in the womb! Denim Therapy, a service receiving rave reviews for repairing and revitalizing old, worn-out jeans, recently added a maternity jeans service to their menu. Expecting moms can reduce their carbon footprint (and forgo buying frumpy ‘mom’ jeans) and reuse their favorite pair of jeans as maternity wear by having Denim Therapy expand the waistline to fit their burgeoning belly throughout pregnancy.

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Unlike most things during pregnancy, Denim Therapy’s maternity jeans service is as easy as 1-2-3. First, pick your favorite pair of body enhancing jeans. Second, ‘Denim Therapy will work their magic by inserting expandable side inseams to move and grow with you.’ Third, once you return to your pre-pregnancy figure, Denim Therapy will restore your jeans to their original size. The cost? Just $60. What a great green alternative that will leave you looking like a ‘haute mama‘ in your jeans throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

+ Denim Therapy Maternity Jeans Service $60

+ Denim Therapy

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