Fort building just got easier! Kids are experts at making¬†fortresses and dens out of little more than some old sheets, blankets, and a table and chairs. For my two not-so-little-ones, the frustrations come when they are trying to attach two sides or make their fort stay up while they play inside and around it. When we heard about Densters, we couldn’t believe how ingenious and multifunctional these little toy monsters were. Currently on Kickstarter, Densters are a playful way to focus on pretend and imaginative play instead of tying and retying knots and attempting to keep the blanket roof from caving in on them. They grip, attach, secure, and bring together your child’s creations so the sky is the limit (or your supply of blankets and sheets) of what they can build!

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Made from high-quality food-grade and BPA-free silicone, each Denster has its own special “talent”: crocodile-like Zigzies chomp and hold, rounded Hoopsta is perfect for hooking on doorknobs or bed poles, Grumpo does double duty as a door stopper and a sturdy sheet gripper, bendy and tentacled Wizetta can be fastened around rods or handles or used as a bookmark, Snella serves as a device holder and can suction on to walls and windows, and Cheekaboo is a functional hook for bags or jackets when she’s not being used as a way to clamp blankets or sheets onto a piece of furniture.

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The kid-tested and approved pieces are all flexible and easy-to-clean as well as being super stretchy and durable. Created by a team whose background includes education, architecture, design, illustration, and child psychology, Densters are also fun toys in and of themselves: kiddos can create their own lively stories and personalities for each Denster. Although we wish these little guys and gals were going to available as a holiday present that would keep kids busy throughout winter break this year, they should ship by May of 2017 (i.e. just in time for summer vacation).

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