The plushies are designed and handcrafted by Tracy, a St. Louis freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mom. Even though these cute creatures are handmade in the USA, they’re priced comparably to the made-in-China varieties. Yet, these upcycled plush toys are giving new life to old clothing.

The little details on each also make the one-of-a-kind critters more special than mass-produced stuffed animals. The fox for example, is a red sweater on the front and a lumberjack plaid on the back. Flip around the raccoon and he looks extra sweet with a heart on his back.

Goldie and Randolph are equally loveable as toys and decor. They’re fun to squeeze at night and play with, but they’ll also add to a woodland themed nursery or kid’s bedroom.

+ Randolph the Eco Raccoon $35.00

+ Goldie Fox $35.00

+ Design Lab 443