We’ve highlighted numerous jaw-dropping dollhouses on Inhabitots — from modern mini-masterpieces and small replicas to Bauhaus models and petite prefab structures. Each diminutive dwelling has enchanted and inspired both the design buff and the kid in all of us. But when we happened upon designer Annina Diston‘s Brighton sharehouse in miniature form, it was a creation like no other we had seen. Her intricate attention to the details of a real-life, lived-in home, and her expert execution of tiny household nuances, from crumbs on the kitchen table and soap scum on the shower tiles, to an overflowing recycling bin, crammed closets, shoes and grocery bags peppering the entryway and a Mac computer screen with several windows open, Diston’s down to earth dollhouse is a refreshingly realistic portrayal of daily life on a scale that is tiny in size but but teeming with craftsmanship.

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Diston embraces the every day in the decor of this dollhouse, which she deftly handmade with found objects (a lamp shade made from a pen top), eBay purchases of miniature furniture, her own scale replicas of IKEA furniture, as well as handstitched cushions and bedding. Diston recently told The Age, that she has loved dollhouses since she was a child, but that she wanted to set her Brighton sharehouse, which took her three years to construct, apart from the typical meticulous Victorian models. She says, ”I wanted to give it a bit of grit. It’s pretty true to life, and typical of flats I’ve lived in – a bit poky, and in a mess most of the time.’

If you want to see more photos of the Brighton Sharedhouse, check out Diston’s flickr photostream.

Images © Annina Diston