Kids love crafts, and what better way to get them engaged in the art of DIY than to give them their very own personalized loom? This wooden loom from Jack Be Nimble Toys is made from baltic birch and is finished with a non-toxic acrylic varnish. The 6″ by 6″ square loom also features your child’s name in the lower right corner, and the set comes complete with a ball of colorful yarn made from 100% cotton, one craft needle and basic weaving instructions. Not only is weaving fun, but it also inspires creativity, enhances patterning and rhythm, and helps develops you child’s hand-eye coordination. From bookmarks and doll house rugs, to key chains and rings, there are tons of small weaving projects your kids can create with this loom, and now thanks to Jack Be Nimble Toys getting them started is easy and fun!

+ Personalized Wooden Loom $45

+ Made by Jack Be Nimble Toys