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Fitzpatrick is the owner of DittoRepeats, a textile design studio specializing in custom repeats and original rhythmic design. She has designed textiles for a diverse range of clients and end products—from major airlines to home furnishings to baby accessories. Her inspiration for the DittoHouse range was a little more personal, however. She writes: “We welcomed an adorable baby boy into our happy house this year! I quickly learned that comfy cozy blankets are an essential part of every happy house; blankets for the baby to play on, for our visitors to snuggle under, to throw an impromptu picnic in the back yard! Not only is it essential that our blankets be so cozy, but they must look at home in our happy modern house!”

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However, as Fitzpatrick notes: “It is important that while we enhance our happy house, we don’t hurt our happy Earth.” That’s why she selected recycled cotton for the US-manufactured homewares range. In the recycling process, the waste cotton materials are expertly sorted by color and de-fiberized to be spun into new yarns. The cotton fibers are then blended with a little polyester and woven up into knit fabric, in this case featuring Fitzpatrick’s stunning textile designs. Because the materials have already been dyed, no new dying is needed to create the yarn, which reduces the process’s water consumption. The finished product makes better use of resource-intensive cotton and saves industry off-cuts from going to landfill.

The DittoHouse range is available online, and wholesale inquiries are welcome. The pillow covers measure 18 x 18 inches, and the throws measure 50 x 60 inches. All items are machine washable. Pillow covers are priced at $75 and throws at $160. If you sign up to the DittoHouse newsletter, you’ll also get a 10% discount coupon code.

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