Canadian DJ, musician and turntablist Kid Koala is legendary. He has toured with renown artists including Radiohead and Bjork and has sampled everything from Charlie Brown cartoons to a person reading a menu to create his music. His latest work, however, is a little closer to home — your home, that is. Kid Koala’s new album, 12-Bit Blues, comes with a DIY cardboard record player that you can make and use right in your own abode.

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With any first-run edition of Kid Koala’s latest work, whether vinyl or CD, comes a little kit that enables you to build a working cardboard junior gramophone that will appeal to the kid in all of us. He’s even created an instructional video and illustrations to get you up and running. The only thing you need to supply is the stylus (he suggests using a needle or thumbtack). It even comes with a flexi disc to play around with.

Once assembled, the player works by manually rotating the record by hand, so you can play your record at the ever-popular chipmunk speed or at whichever speed your record is calibrated for.

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