If your kids are anything like mine, their eyes shine every time they find a penny on the ground. As an adult with bills to pay, I sometimes forget what it was like to be a child, and how magical a found penny or earned quarter can be. No wonder kids love piggybanks so much! My daughter and I recently made this sweet pink bank to hold her precious pennies. It was easy and fun, and it’s made from recycled materials. With a couple of days and a few scrounged items, you can make one too!

You’ll Need:

  • A large plastic bottle. I used a gallon-sized water bottle that I saved from a time that we were having septic problems last summer.
  • Something for the piggy’s “legs.” You don’t want your piggy to roll away! I used an upside-down pudding cup.
  • Newspaper
  • Flour, Water and White Sugar for Papier Mache Paste (see directions below)
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Paint
  • Strong adhesive (such as Gorilla Glue)

Papier Mache Paste:

Boil two cups of water in a medium saucepan. In a small bowl, mix together ½ cup white flour and two cups cold water. Add this mixture to the boiling water and stir until the mixture comes to boil again. Remove from heat and stir in 3 Tablespoons white sugar. Let cool. Store tightly covered in the refrigerator.

Piggybank Directions:

  1. Cut a slot in the side of the bottle for money to enter the bank. The side with the slot is now the bank’s top.
  2. Remove the bottle’s lid and set it aside. Place the bottle vertically in a large mixing bowl, to prevent it from rolling away while your cover it with Papier Mache.
  3. Tear a couple of sections of newspaper into 1 ½ inch strips. One at a time, drag your strips through the paste and smooth off any excess paste.
  4. Cover the whole bottle with strips, except for the mouth of the bottle. Smooth each strip with your hands as much as possible for best results.
  5. Set the covered bottle upside down on some newspaper and let it dry completely; about 24 hours.
  6. Paint and decorate your piggy! My daughter loves pink, so that was the obvious choice for me. Feel free to let your little one paint his bank himself, or glue bobbles and decorations all over. Get creative!
  7. Making sure that the slot is on top, glue your “legs” onto the bottom of the bank. Put the lid back on the bottle. If your child ever needs to remove her savings, she can simply take the lid off and shake the money out the hole!