Color us impressed! Michiel Cornelissen’s build-it-yourself icosahedron kit, which we spotted at the Model Citizens 2010 design exhibit last week, can be almost anything you want: a mobile, a hanging lampshade, a piece of objet d’art, or a fun educational toy. The best part? You make it yourself out of color pencils, which you can plunder from your kids’ art-supply drawer in the interest of a lesson in geometry. When you feel the urge to color, you can simply pluck your favorite colored pencils out of the structure to use — and then return them back again when you are done!

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This clever Shapeways Icosahedron Kit includes a set of star-shape connectors that each fit up to five standard hexagonal pencils. Rustle up 30 pencils and you’ll be able to create an icosahedron (otherwise known as a polyhedron with 20 plane faces) that measures roughly 15 inches in diameter. Plus, any length pencil works, as long as they’re uniform throughout.

+ 30-Pencil Icosahedron Kit $65 at Shapeways

+ Michiel Cornelissen