With summer vacation in full swing, even the best-laid plans may go awry when it comes to staving away the “I’m Boreds,” especially when your kids are cramped into airplane or car seats. Whip out one of The Little Experience’s Knit-It kits the second you sense the rumblings of a meltdown. Crafty types ages 6 and up will soon be lulled into speechlessness by the relaxing rhythm of knitting and purling. (An instruction manual shows them how). Packed with everything you need to stitch together a bashful elephant, a trio of mice, or a pair of fluffy sheep, each kit will keep your child busy while honing his or her fine motor skills. The packaging even hides a secret surprise on the inside: Cut up and assemble the box into a swing for your elephant, cheese for your mice, and a pen for your new wooly friends!

+ Knit-It Kit $14.99 each

+ The Little Experience