My childhood is full of memories of my mother saving dried onion skins and garden plants as dye for her wool and handspun yarns. Thrifty, resourceful methods like this were part of our rural farm lifestyle. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed to come across some great natural egg dyeing recipes using onion skins and other plant-based materials via craft maven, Martha Stewart. Her simple, non-toxic recipes use household ingredients such as fresh beets, pre-boiled red cabbage, spinach, coffee, and turmeric. Home-brewed concoctions like this are an eco friendly way to get just the right ‘au natural’ tint to your holiday eggs. An added tip: consider using brown eggs for an even earthier palette. Most of these ingredients are also compostable, completing the cycle of life in both home and garden.

Read on for recipes and tips on natural egg dyeing.

+ Martha Stewart