I obsessively save my glass jars. I won’t throw them away, which is a good thing, because my city doesn’t have facilities for recycling glass. So, I’m stuck with a  bunch of empty glass jars, hoping that someday I’ll be able to use them for a neat DIY project. Well, that day has arrived! The folks at Photojojo have come up with a really cool way to recycle glass jars and create keepsakes at the same time! These Glass Jar Photo Frames are ingenious! Just grab an old jar and cut down a photo so it will fit inside. Turn the jar upside down, and you’re done! A half-pint jar was the perfect size for my son’s wallet-size school picture, and an old Alfredo jar fit a 4×6 inch photo with just a bit of trimming. Surf on over to Photojojo for complete instructions. These frames would make a super simple and sweet gift that kids could give their mom for Mother’s Day! You could decorate the dining room table with photographs of all the kids in glass jar frames as a centerpiece for Mother’s Day meals too. And imagine how cute baby food jars would look with precious pics of mom’s kiddos tucked inside?

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Image ©Photojojo