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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently released their annual list of the most vegan-friendly cities in the United States. Some cities were highly anticipated to make an appearance on the list, such as Portland, Oregon, while others were a little more surprising… like Salt Lake City, Utah.  PETA notes that to compile the 2013 list they based their choices mainly on cities where vegan restaurants and other eateries are plentiful. Who made the cut? Keep reading after the jump!

The top vegan-friendly cities, with number one being best, include:

1. Austin, Texas (say what?)

2. Portland, Oregon

3. Los Angeles, California

4. New York City

5. Chicago, Illinois

6. Seattle, Washington

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

9. Boulder, Colorado

10. Richmond, Virginia

Clearly some will disagree with the list, while others will find it true to form. But what if your city didn’t make the list? Should your vegan family pack it up and move? No worries. Keep reading to find out how to easily veganize your little corner of the USA.

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Keeping it vegan, without moving out of town

If your town didn’t make the list above, don’t fear. Due to the rising popularity of a vegan diet, many grocery stores and restaurants are catching on and are adding vegan options. Plus, there’s always your own household to work on. Try these tips to eat vegan no matter where you dwell.

Visit Happy Cow: This online vegetarian and vegan food guide can help you find great restaurants and stores in your area, plus they feature recipes, forums and more.

Get surprised: If you grab a list of animal ingredients, and start browsing the grocery shelves, you may be surprised by just how many foods are vegan. Really, check out this Accidentally Vegan Food List – you’ll be amazed at what’s vegan.

Check out companies: If you can’t find vegan food at your local grocers, you may want to check out this list of companies who make vegetarian and vegan foods. You can always contact a company direct to see if shipping is available.

Stick to homemade food: Homemade food is as vegan as you like, especially if you stick to whole food items. Plus, homemade food almost always healthier and less expensive. Pick up an awesome vegan cookbook or look online to find plenty of great vegan recipes. We also have a huge collection of vegan recipes right here at Inhabitots. Below are some of our faves:

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