As if we needed to hear more contentious news surrounding Donald Trump, reports are surfacing that the presidential hopeful told a breastfeeding lawyer “you’re disgusting” when she announced she needed to take a break from a deposition to pump her milk. Elizabeth Beck told The New York Times that in 2011 during said deposition with Trump, she needed to excuse herself to pump breast milk for her three month-old infant. When Beck held out her breast pump, Trump told the new mother “You’re disgusting” and then left the room.

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Back in 2011, Beck met with Trump and a team of lawyers to discuss a Florida real estate project in which Beck’s clients claimed to have lost thousands of dollars from a failed deal by Trump. During the meeting, Beck requested a quick medical break so that she may pump her breast milk, for her infant waiting for her at home. Beck made sure to prearrange these breaks, as she knew she would need to pump during the lengthy meetings.

Trump’s team was not pleased with Beck’s request for interrupting the meeting, and when she held up her breast pump, she was met with the degrading remark from Trump himself. Rather than granting her a brief break, Trump declared “You’re disgusting,” and then ran out of the room.

Regardless of opinion on public breastfeeding, Beck’s need to pump her milk was an unobtrusive and private act, as harmless as excusing oneself to use the bathroom. Trump has since made a comment on Twitter that Beck, “wanted to breast pump in front of me” which was coupled with Trump insulting Beck’s work — and he stood by his rude comment.

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