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The Dotandcross concept was created by design and communication studio, Dogtrot, which is run by Margherita Rui and Alessandro Rado, in collaboration with Daniele Bortotto and Giorgia Zanellato. The philosophy underpinning the range is that a bedroom furnished with multifunctional and adaptable objects will be able to see a youngster through childhood and into their teenage years. Not only are the products themselves sustainably sourced, but they are designed to minimize waste and obsolescence by extending their life cycle.

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As a child grows and their interests develop and diversify, Dotandcross can grow with them. A toddler’s painting easel cleverly morphs into a low-set desk that can then be recalibrated to fit a lanky, growing body. A cot transforms into a day bed or couch. Bunk beds fit with other items in the range like Tetris pieces, accommodating cupboards, wardrobes, a single bed or a desk underneath. If the child moves rooms or the family moves house, the adaptable system can be reconfigured to fit the new space.

All solid wood or mixed wood based materials used in the range are FSC certified. The linen range that mixes and matches with the furniture is also made in Italy, and is naturally colored and made of 100% cotton. While we are definitely a little bit in love with the subtle pastel colors, the true genius of this range lies in its adaptability. Anything that saves parents from having to make a new purchase every time their child grows a little is doing more than saving dollars!

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