Papili, a small French toy company, has launched the first organic, fair-trade soft toy that glows in the dark. Doudou Veilleuse, a glowing plush rabbit, is sure to alleviate any fears of what goes bump in the night or monsters under the bed! Simply leave Doudou Veilleuse under a natural or artificial light for a few minutes, and when the lights are off, a glowing friend comforts the child, then gradually dims as the child falls asleep. Doudou Veilleuse needs neither batteries nor electricity thanks to a photoluminescent dye which is completely safe for children. The cotton used is organic and fair-trade certified, and the photoluminescent dye is certified Oekotex standard 100, class 1, which means it does not contain any harmful substances, and it is suitable for all age groups.

+ Doudou Veilleuse £21.00

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