Stevanne Auerbach, PhD/ Dr. Toy just announced PlanToys as the winner of the 6th annual Best Green Toy Company for 2012 and we couldn’t be happier since they are one of our favorite eco-friendly toy makers. Dr. Toy honored PlanToys for its 30+ years of recycling wood from expired rubberwood trees. For this award, Dr. Toy chooses companies that are working towards making a difference in playthings and reducing the impact of production. Past Dr. Toy Best Green Company award winners have been, Hape, Maple Landmark Woodcraft, Foundlings, Green Toys and Blue Orange Games.

plantoys, best green toy company 2012, dancing alligator, plantoys dancing alligator, preschool toy, green toyEarlier this year, PlanToys announced at the 2012 International Toy Fair that they were releasing their new line of toys, called PlanWood, using the sawdust of the leftover rubberwood chips. Dr. Toy also chose the new PlanWood Dancing Alligator as one of the 2012 Best Green Product Award recipients. The PlanWood Dancing Alligator is a replica of the 1999 rubberwood version, which has been a best seller for many years – and one of our favorites!

“Dr Toy commends Kosin Virapornsawan, President of PlanToys, for his company’s commitment to quality durable, eco friendly, and non-toxic products, plus its innovative PlanWood®. made from surplus sawdust and wood chips from production. By adding organic pigments for color, mixing it with less than 1% of non-formaldehyde E-zero glue, and pressure molding the mix PlanToys created a new safe and non-toxic high density fiber, which is much stronger, more durable and easy to clean. Less energy is used to produce PlanWood and this reduces environmental impact. PlanToys has also invested in the construction of Biomass Plant and Bio Energy Power Plant that uses tree by-products to generate electricity, an incredible sustainable achievement.”

Other Best Green Product 2012 award winning toys are: 4M Industrial Dev.’s GreenScience-Solar Mechanics and Glove Dolls Making Kit, Alex Toy’s 2 Birdie Banks, b. dazzle’s Bald Eagles Scramble Squares and Salmon Scramble Squares, BeginAgain’s Treasure Hunt, Bella Sara’s Best of Bella Sara, blue manatee boxes, Blue Orange Games Flapz!, Green Toys Salad Set, HABAland & Train Bldg Blocks, Makedo Find & Make Shop, Metamorphic Toys Everythingland Mailbox Kit, Sbyke USA P-20 Rear-Steering Scooter, Tegu Hatch Magnetic Wooden Car, and turn 4 turn Polar Eclipse.

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