Dress Me Up Organic has actually been making adorable organic baby rattles for a long while, but now, they’ve jazzed things up with a pop of cool color. Bonus – Dress Me Up Organic has added sweet owl rattles to their arsenal, and you know how we adore owls her at Inhabitots! Each Organic Owl Rattle and Organic Rabbit Rattle is hand made one at a time in Canada with organic and sustainable materials. The new splash of color has been added to these previously single colored rattles via a swatch of bold tree ring printed 100% organic cotton fabric. The fabric is paired with natural checkers and soft flannel to encourage visual and tactile exploration for little hands and eyes. The rattle inside these toys is handmade from wood beads housed in a safe, secure, padded casing. The owl is stuffed with carded Canadian wool and the entire rabbit is stuffed with Canadian lamb’s wool. Best of all these fun rattles double as a chewy organic teething toy.

+ Organic Rabbit Rattle $30.95

+ Organic Owl Rattle $30.95

+ Dress Me Up Organic