Kids have lots of ideas. So many ideas that sometimes a few slip their memory and are lost forever. With the newly designed Dusty chalkboard, they can jot all those important thoughts down to remember them later. From the witty mind of Josh Jakus, the boy or girl shaped boards are made from a non-formaldehyde, 100% recycled wood core and feature an eraser in the form of a scrappy terrier (sourced from scrap felt). Josh’s other creations include an accessories line constructed from industrial felt and recycled rubber placemats that ‘hug’ napkins. The note boards are available at the FuzFarm website for $29.00 (extra dog eraser $6.00) and arrive with wall pegs ready for hanging. Chalk it up to Josh’s smarts, the shapes are also available as cork boards made from excess material.

+ Dusty Chalkboard $29 from FuzFarm

+ Josh Jakus