Esthex, ballerina, esthex doll

Anna Ballerina

Anna Ballerina woke up “one morning to the sound of whistling leaves and she instantly felt like dancing,” says Esther. Anna Ballerina is darling in her pink tutu and black point shoes. She is made out of cotton and polyester. Anna Ballerina is 6 x 17.7″

+ Anna Ballerina $35

esthex, morris fox, esthex doll

Morris Fox

“Mr. Morris Fox is a real gentleman. He wears tweed trousers and a bowtie because he thinks these make him look as smart as his best friend Owl Hendrik,” says Esther. Morris Fox is 6 x 17.7″ and made out of cotton and polyester.

+ Morris Fox $35

Esthex, hendrik & louis, esthex dolls

Hendrik and Louis

Henrik the owl likes to keep an eye out on everyone. Bear Louis is your best friend who loves to give big hugs. Louis is 9.8 x 19.7″ and Hendrik is 4.7 x 9″ Both are made out of cotton and polyester.

+ Louis & Hendrik Each $35

Simon Snail, Esthex, Esthex dolls

Simon Snail

Simon Snail comes complete with a music box that sings lullabies. Simon is very cuddly and allows you to rest your head on his soft shell. He is 11.8 x 11.8″ and made out of cotton and polyester.

+ Simon Snail $40

rabbit lola, esthex, esthex doll

Rabbit Lola

“Rabbit Lola loves to cuddle with her long arms. She wears a cozy hat to keep warm, but her ears keep popping out,” says Esther. Lola is 6.3 x 13.8″ and made out of cotton and polyester.

+ Rabbit Lola $35