Talk about a bright idea – Joolz, a Dutch stroller manufacturer, has begun printing instructions on their product packaging to show customers how to turn boxes into something new. Their sustainable packaging design concept  encourages reuse so boxes aren’t just thrown out once the product is removed. Every box that encloses one of their products can be made into a practical and useful product such as a lampshade, bird house, picture frame or chair.


Kids often see the charm in turning a cardboard box into something new – and you may even have a child who likes the cardboard box better than the toys that come inside. Joolz’s new, playful, sustainable packaging design concept plays off this idea.

“It’s just really wasteful to throw away all that cardboard”, says creative director Emile Kuenen. “We like to contribute to a sustainable world and my belief is that every step one can take is a meaningful one. For that reason, we set up a special project team and they investigated our packaging thoroughly. They thought about giving the cardboard a second life and designed several products, which can be made out of the existing packing.”

The printed instructions on the boxes take the guesswork out of turning the packaging into something that will actual be useful. The box that holds the company’s cot becomes a bird house, the packing for the cup holder can be a picture frame, the seat fabric box can be turned into a lampshade, the box from the stroller chassis makes a functional chair and the UV-sun hood box can be a mobile to hang over the crib.

+ Joolz