While browsing at Polliwog, an awesome green toy store in Portland, I came across the most adorable sustainable wooden baby rattles made by Earnest Efforts. These rattles are simple, lovely, and oh so smooth to hold. Each is unique, fits perfectly in baby’s hand and makes a great gentle rattle sound that babies will adore. Earnest Efforts has been making child-safe rattles for over twenty years. Their rattles are handmade from remnant woods of Oregon (no living trees are ever used in their craftsmanship). Each rattle is filled with copper BBs, hand-sanded, and finished with Clapham’s all-natural beeswax. The rattles are lead and phthalate free, and no stains are used — highlighting the natural beauty of Oregon wood. Older kids or adults will find the same non-toxic fun in Earnest Effort’s Spirit Shakers; a larger, more square version of their wonderful rattle.

+ Wooden Spirit Shakers $15

+ Polliwog Baby Store (Portland, Oregon)