From Humanity Organics comes the amazing co-sleeping tool, the Humanity Family Bed. Being a long-time advocate of co-sleeping, I only wish that I had known about this great sleeper when my son was born. We all co-slept, and it worked out well, but it would have been much easier with this family bed addition. The Humanity Family Bed consists of an extra thick absorbent pad that you easily place atop your bed’s mattress. There’s plenty of room for parents and baby to cuddle down for the night.

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  • Multiple uses: The extra long (5 foot) roll pillow can be used during pregnancy to give the mama-to-be an extra supportive and restful night’s sleep. After your baby arrives the long pillow provides peace of mind; the pillow provides protection during co-sleeping, so you feel secure that your baby won’t be rolling off the bed. Way later (yes, that baby won’t be a baby forever) you can transfer this sleeper to your child’s bed to stop him from rolling off.
  • Cozy and soft: Three layers of 100% organic cotton flannel provide a healthy and calm sleeping surface.
  • Breastfeeding ease: No more getting up in the night! The Humanity Family Bed makes breastfeeding in bed both easy and safe. Go ahead and sleep through those nighttime feedings.
  • Stellar website experience: Not all websites are easy. Humanity Organics offers an extra special experience. Links at this site are easy to use, and the layout is clean and uncluttered. There’s also great bonus learning material available such as SIDS prevention and safe co-sleeping tips.

In our world of co-sleeping, my partner and I decided to move our futon off the frame and onto to the floor. This helped us to feel safe (no baby rolling off the bed.) Of course that didn’t stop wet sheets from happening or allow for a cool pregnancy pillow bonus. If you’re considering co-sleeping as a family, I’d check out the Humanity Family Bed – I know that if I have another little one, I sure will!

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