Now that Mother Nature finally decided to show her sunny springtime game side, we hope your family is getting lots of energetic outdoor playtime. But for those not-so-sunny days, or simply those times your kids need to burn a little more energy, we’re thankful for Eco-Bonks.

These inflatable bop bags are available in three cute animal options: an elephant, a bear, and a penguin — so don’t be surprised to find your little one giving as many hugs to these bags as pushes. Eco Bonks aren’t exactly a pushover in the green cred department: made and manufactured in the USA and including a removable, 100% organic cotton plush cover, these huggable toys are BPA-free and they’re even made with a technology that turns petroleum-based plastics into a biodegradable material within a few years. Bop on, little ones!

+ Eco-Bonks $60.00 (Covers Only: available for $38.00)