Move over boring teddy bears and bunnies! There’s a unique new eco-friendly plush toy on the block and its the cutest thing ever. Say hello to the Felted Sting Ray, a hand-crafted critter that is sure to delight the little ones in your life. With a face on both the top and bottom, this 100% wool critter is double the fun, and is sure to be your tot’s favorite new plush friend.

While these little rays were designed as chew-toys for dogs, we think they make an even better toy for little peeps. Afterall, who wants to waste such eco-cutieness on a canine who would probably rather have a bone? The felted stingrays are all-natural and organic, made from 100% renewable wool by craftswomen in Nepal. They come in two sizes and you can even get them in pairs (mommy & baby!?)

$12-24 from Branch >

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