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Push Pack

Most hospital stays are now a minimum of two nights, which means you need to pack all of your own toiletries unless you want to use the toxic brands most hospitals provide. Buying travel size products can be time consuming and expensive! That’s why the Push Pack is an essential when packing for your hospital birth. The Push Pack is filled with eco-friendly products that include shampoo, conditioner, a washcloth, body wash, make-up remover, toothpaste, deodorant wipes, razor and shaving cream, comb, hair band, socks, disposable underwear, pads, breast pads, pen and thank you cards, gum, Preggie Pop, Bellybar, oatmeal, nipple cream, playing cards, and more!

+ Push Pack $65

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Birth & Baby Kit

Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Birth & Baby Travel Kit is the perfect solution for mama’s and newborns for their hospital stay. Every baby deserves a toxin free first bath! The kit includes must have essentials like New Mama Bottom Spray and Mama Bottom Balm (perfect for sore mama parts!), Organic Monthly Comfort Tea, Organic Milkmaid Tea, Natural Nipple Butter, Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, Angel Baby Oil, Angel Baby Bottom Balm, and Angel Baby Lotion. You can purchase the kit in a travel size or full size so you can continue to use the products once you get home.

+ Earth Mama Angel Baby Birth & Baby Kit $29.03

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POSH Postpartum/Breastfeeding Kit

My Posh Pads has an amazing kit that includes two sets of reusable organic breast pads, a postpartum cloth mama pad, organic bamboo velour breast soothers, and a Posh burp cloth. You can even reuse the packaging of the breast pads at the hospital to store your used cloth. The velour breast soothers are great to use on your back, tummy, neck, and even breasts during labor.

+ POSH Postpartum/Breastfeeding Kit $64.95 On sale for $45.46

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There is nothing more uncomfortable than walking the hospital in the dreaded tatty hospital gown. I know at my first birth, I was more concerned about the back of the gown opening rather than stopping to squat. Gownies offers modest snaps down the back of the gown, allowing doctors the access they need but providing you the privacy you want. Gownies also have front snaps that allow easy access for breastfeeding and offer immediate skin to skin contact. You can purchase Gownies in organic cotton or regular cotton and you have the option to get a matching pillow case with certain fabrics.

+ Gownies $49.99

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Honest Diapers

Even if you plan on cloth diapering, it’s better to go to the hospital with your own eco-friendly newborn disposable diapers. Most hospitals provide diapers that are packed with chlorine, TBT, VOCs, fragrances, dioxin and other yucky chemicals. It is best to hold off using cloth diapers in the hospital (unless it’s a prefold) until your baby has had his/her first poop. I love the eco-disposable diapers from The Honest Company that are available in a variety of adorable patterns. They contain no petrochemicals, no chlorine, no optical brighteners, are biodegradable, have non-toxic adhesives, and they have a BIO core and plant based PLA.

+ Honest Diapers $13.95

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Nohi Organic Layette

Most hospitals keep your newborn in a white shirt and swaddled during their hospital stay. Whether you decide to change them after birth or before going home, you will need at least one outfit to take the hospital. One of my favorites is the Nohi Kids Infant Gowns. They are made with certified organic cotton and certified/tested bamboo. They come in a variety of cute patterns perfect for boys and girls. Gowns are perfect for the first couple of weeks to make diaper changes easy, plus they don’t rub against the baby’s umbilical cord clamp. You can get 30% off Nohi Kids by entering tot30 at checkout until Dec. 31, 2012.

+ Nohi Kids Gown $32

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New Mommy Gift Pack

The Mountain Meadow Herb New Mommy Gift Pack is great to bring to the hospital because it contains After-Pain Relief, Maxi-Milk, and Herbal Calcium. The After-Pain Relief can be used immediately after giving birth and used every 15 minutes until relief is achieved. This is a great alternative to pharmaceutical pain relief since it is safe to use while nursing. Maxi-Milk is natural lactation support that helps meet the demands of your baby. The Herbal Calcium is helpful for restoring bone and joint integrity and can also be given to infants to encourage restful sleep.

+ Mountain Meadow Herbs New Mommy Gift Set $49.33