If you’ve had a baby or gone to any baby showers in the last five years, you might be familiar with the ‘Sleep Sheep’ – the ubiquitous cuddly sleep aid for babies. Manufactured by Cloud B, the Sleep Sheep is a plush sheep toy that plays relaxing sounds to help little ones fall asleep. Now Cloud B has just introduced a brand new eco-friendly sleepy pal called the Dozy Dolphin! Since I’ve got a little one who sometimes needs help falling asleep, I couldn’t wait to check out this eco dolphin.

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Made with eco-friendly materials (ultra soft bamboo fabric and hypo-allergenic stuffing), the Dozy Dolphin is designed as an interactive plush toy that also helps soothe children to sleep. It features four relaxing water based sounds: PLAY (cute sounds of dolphins playing), CALM (whale noises?), RELAX (tranquil music) and SLEEP (ocean waves).

The first time I heard the Dozy Dolphin in action, I had to laugh, because not all of the noises it makes are exactly ‘sleep-inducing.’ The ‘PLAY’ sounds (dolphins chattering) are actually quite funny, and they make my little tot laugh. However, now that my little guy has warmed up to the chattering dolphin, I think it is great. I haven’t actually used it much to get said baby to go to sleep at night, but he likes playing with it during the day. I imagine this little dolphin is going to get used for years to come, and I feel reassured knowing it’s made out of safe, biter-friendly, hypo-allergenic materials.
Go Dozy Dolphin!

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