Wooden Rainbow Eggs from Imagination Kids, $16

Packed in a mini 6-egg carton, this set of wooden rainbow eggs from Imagination Kids is the perfect thing for kids who love pretend play time in their toy toy kitchen. They bring about the same delight as plastic eggs in the Easter basket, but this set is painted with non-toxic paints and finished with homemade organic wood polish. If your kid has a favorite color, you can even make special requests from the shop.

Neskita Printable Paper Gardening Set, $7

What an easy Easter basket filler. You get a PDF file and print it on recycled paper, then you (or your kid, depending on age) can cut each piece of this gardening set out. With three types of flowers, gardening tools, seeds and seed packets — this little paper playset guarantees hours of role play fun.

Bossy Feltworks Felted Chicks, $30

What’s better than an Easter bunny in your Eater basket? A coloful chick! These all-natural 100% wool birdies are a sweet gift that we bet your little one will tote around until Christmas.

Eves Little Earthlings Butterfly Caterpillar Cocoon, $45

Easter also comes as spring is beginning and nature is going through many changes. This handmade zippered cocoon play set is a science lesson, too. Kids can learn how the caterpillar enters the cocoon to reveal a butterfly over time.

Liven Bunny Ears Felt Hair Clips, $8

Set your little ones into a fit of giggles by popping a pair of these bunny ears in every siblings basket. They’ll love placing them on each other’s heads at unexpected moments, or just hopping around the house with the poised on top of their heads.

SewnNatural Felted Spring Eggs with Playsilks, $24

One reason why kids love discovering plastic Easter eggs in their baskets so much is that they are usually hiding a fun surprise inside. SewnNatural plays off that same experience with these felted eggs that have a colorful playsilk stuffed inside.