Maple Shade Kids‘ handcrafted peg racks will help organize a nursery or playroom in charming eco style. The Mother & Baby Bird Peg Rack, along with an entire collection of 23-inch peg racks featuring a colorful array of cheerful characters from which to choose, are meticulously cut from FSC certified poplar wood by artist Wanda Hirsch. The vibrant paper appliques are hand cut and applied with non-toxic glue; and the rack is given its glossy, protective finish with a non-toxic soy based sealer. Hirsch initials the back of each one-of-a-kind creation, which we’re certain will become your tot’s favorite place to hang his hat… or her dress-up clothes, coats, toys, or play purses. If you share our penchant for owls, check out the Mother Hoot and Baby Owl Peg Rack. Maple Shade Kids also offers sustainably crafted collage art, shelves, and wooden art pieces — all of which would look adorable in a green kid’s space. *Maple Shade Kids plants a tree with Trees for the Future for every purchase made.

+ Maple Shade Kids Mother & Baby Bird Peg Rack $65 from Franklin Goose

+ Maple Shade Kids