What’s black and yellow and green all over? Why the hand-pump penguin flashlight of course! We recently spotted this adorable eco-friendly flashlight on Babygadget, and we were super excited to read about its environmentally sustainable elements. In addition to being extremely cute, this hand-pump penguin light is batteryless, which means it will keep toxic disposable batteries out of landfills. The versatile light can function as both a nightlight (standing up), and flashlight (when held in the hand), and is charged by repeatedly squeezing the penguin’s wing. One minute’s pumping will produce hours of light.

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We think the Penguin Night Light is a great way to brighten up your child’s room while teaching him about renewable energy. What better way to teach environmental sustainability than to put the power of the future in little hands?

Right now I could only find this adorable flashlight available in the UK, but for the bargain price of £4.95, it’s worth paying the overseas shipping charge. Hopefully U.S. retailers will begin stocking these little buggers soon. Until then, you can get your penguin flashlight online from from UK-based EthicalSuperstore.com

£4.95 from EthicalSuperstore.com

Via Babygadget