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The Home Grown Books series are whole language and meaning based books instead of just being phonetic based. Created to inspire the imaginations of early readers and to get them excited about reading while learning all aspects of written language, each reading set includes cards which prompt adults to think about the best way to support their child in a natural, holistic way.

Home Grown Books has two complete book series, Set 1 with artist Cecil Dyer and Set 2 with artist Nathalie Trovato. Set 1 is a nine book series that has one, two, or three words per page accompanied with line drawings and watercolors. Set 2 is a seven book series with one to six words per page and cut paper images.

Home Grown Books also has Fine Art Prints as well as matching sustainably sourced Wooden Blocks to accompany their book series.

Pre-orders are now being taken for September fulfillment.

+ Home Grown Books Series $29.95

+ Home Grown Books