Mother Nature may have just dumped another load of snow and ice upon the majority of the country recently, but these bright and cheery shoes remind us to have hope: spring is just around the corner. A PLAE shoes limited edition design, these Roan kicks sport a Pucci-esque design and sunny colors including turquoise and buttery yellow with pops of pink. This design (and many other PLAE styles) are bright and super child-friendly, so you can banish any thoughts of vegan kids’ shoes in muted and drab colors. The Roan shoes, designed “for the inner Basquiat or Botticelli in every child” come with basic white tabs — but you can funk up the design even further with PLAE’s customizeable tabs. These breathable, anti-bacterial shoes are created on eco-poly printed nylon and come from a solar-powered, fair labor factory: really, what’s not to love? Available in sizes 8 kids to 4 youth.

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