As a mother of twin baby boys, I am always looking to invest in toys that can be thoughtfully enjoyed and easily shared by my little ones. I also want my occasional purchases to contribute to something lasting, both in our home and in the world beyond. I was thrilled when a friend and her husband gave us Uncle Goose blocks as a gift for our twins. These gorgeously crafted, old-fashioned A-B-C letter blocks are a perfect example of classic, heirloom toy design paired with modern materials and sustainability. U.S. made and voted one of the “best 100 toys”, parents can be totally reassured that the basics for your green nursery or playroom are taken care of with ‘Uncle Goose’.

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Uncle Goose blocks are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Lindenwood, Inc. – a company that has continued the quality toy manufacturing process first started by William Bultman in 1983. Crafted out of local basswood sustainably grown around the Great Lakes, Uncle Goose blocks are not only a great educational toy but they are a delight to handle. Basswood is ideal for making blocks because of its light-weight, light-colored and odor-free properties. Non-toxic inks are used on the letter embossing, beveled edges, and classic styling of each block.

Lindenwood toys are tested regularly and always surpass national and international standards on ink safety. There is actually very little ink on each block, so parents can rest assured that a child will not be exposed to harmful substances even if they should consume an entire set of blocks – Wow, that’s good to know with teething babies in the house! (The same is true for your household pets who might chew on the blocks – the company provides a Replacements page for what to do if that happens).

Uncle Goose blocks have been honored with Parent Choice Awards, Dr. Toy’s “100 Best Toys” award, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards. We also love that these alphabet blocks come in many languages, including Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish, as well as Braille and Sign-Language.

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