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Tobo Tracks look unlike anything we’ve seen before. Instead of typical straight or curved track, the hexagonal pieces each contain a curved section, a straight section, and an intersection, and they can be connected to any other piece. The tracks fit Thomas Trains, toy cars, and many other types of toy transport. Each piece also features numbered edges so kids can incorporate math play while also building spatial awareness and choosing their transportation path.

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Tobo Toys includes several innovative features in addition to its unique design. The material is made from scrap wood and is biodegradable and non-toxic. Lignin, the part of the tree that is used for Tobo Tracks, is often discarded, but is an ideal and sustainable material to be melted and molded into Tobo Toys. The tracks are designed in Canada and manufactured in Tennessee and are a safe alternative to oil-based plastics. The sets also come with a set of optional stickers to decorate and define the raised area from the track area.

Our favorite feature of the Tobo tracks is the new adapter that comes with most sets: it’s compatible with other popular train tracks and LEGOs. The LEGO connection possibility pretty much blows our mind because our kids can now connect multiple elements in their creative play into an extensive universe. This adaptability also encourages creative play among friends, classmates, and siblings since they can work with different materials and still collaborate.

+ Tobo Tracks and Adapter Sets $25.95-$41.95

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