The holidays are all about ‘Home Sweet Home,’ and what better way to sweeten your abode than with a gingerbread house? Here at Inhabitots, we put a ‘green’ spin on all things typical, and we’re commissioning the second “R” in “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” by welcoming the Gingerbread House by Twinkle Kids into our homes this season.

Crafted out of Oko-Tex Standard 100 certified wool, and handmade in the USA, there’s no need for sweet talking when it comes to buying one of these eco-friendly gingerbread houses for your family. The base gingerbread house is a blank brown canvas measuring 8×6 inches, and it’s just waiting to be embellished by tiny hands. Sixty felt candy decorations, which ‘magically’ stick to the gingerbread house, are included in the design kit, and kids can create numerous patterns time and time again.

There’s no mess, no waste, and no mistakes when it comes to playing with Twinkle Kids gingerbread house. Added bonus: no sugar crashes! The Twinkle Kids Gingerbread House is an ideal solution for parents who don’t want their children overloading on sweets, but still want them to delight in this holiday tradition.

+ Twinkle Kids Gingerbread House Design Kit $59.00