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The Ecogear Dually backpacks gracefully combine style and function. Available in either solid pink or blue, or in adorable blue dinosaur or pink bear patterns, these bags are nontoxic and PVC free. They’re made of 100% all-natural, water-resistant cotton, colored with non-toxic dyes, and boast recycled plastic components, padded shoulder straps, and an ingenious insulated cooler compartment in the front pocket — so tots can safely stow and tote drinks and snacks to the park, the beach, preschool, playdates and beyond. We love that they are perfectly sized for small frames, so little ones may wear their backpack comfortably, instead of looking like they’re about to topple over!

+ Ecozoo Chick and Monkey Backpacks $16 (Introductory Price)

+ Dually Backpacks $19 (Introductory Price)

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