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As the editors of Inhabitots, we’re fans of every story we publish. But a few select standouts really inspired us over the past year, and we wanted to shine a spotlight on them a second time. This year we saw the ingenious invention of a pee powered generator developed by four African teens, and their innovation blew us away. Our editor-in-chief Jill Fehrenbacher also asked the burning question: Should I get an epidural during my labor? before the birth of her second son, providing immense insight into the popular procedure. Jill also gave us all a highly informative and invaluable in-depth look at Waldorf education. Senior editor Jennifer Chait wrote a poignant, heartfelt essay that so many of our readers related to in her piece, 6 Parenting Lies I Totally Believed Before Becoming a Mom, a moving and deeply personal article entitled How To Prevent Violence by Helping At-Risk Kids as a response to the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, and she opened our eyes to 5 ways the U.S. government is failing our families and the planet. Now we’re putting the ball in your court as our trusty readers! Tell us which story YOU liked the best.

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