We’ve sung the praises of many a block, but this new offering from Edo gets our top billing. Made from recycled cardboard (that is also 100% recyclable) and sturdy enough to withstand numerous transformations, Edo blocks are especially cool because your kids can assemble the actual blocks themselves before starting construction on life-sized creations. For little ones, you’ll likely be close by to lend a helping hand as needed, but it’s pretty awesome that you can hand your older tot (about 10 and up) the flat-shipped box of blocks and then observe as she builds an igloo, a storefront, or perhaps a fortress to separate herself from meddling younger siblings. Edo blocks offer endless possibilities for construction and creativity, so buy in to any of the variety of sets of these blocks while the Kickstarter’s young!

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Edo blocks actually stack and fit together, eliminating the annoying problem that most cardboard blocks have of slipping out of place (and potentially destroying hours of kid labor). The blocks also come with junction pieces, strengthening these sturdy blocks. The blocks, which come in their natural cardboard color, white, or a mix of five bright colors, can also be sprayed, colored, or painted, which means the tree of yesterday’s building project can be a person today with a simple makeover. Making walls, towers, cars, or castles are always great activities for getting kids to work together. We’d love to see Edo blocks in our kids’ schools or childcare centers. The blocks come in two sizes and are great for helping kids navigate spatial relations and basic engineering while doing what most do naturally and happily: building, stacking, scheming, and dreaming.

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