What kid doesn’t love alphabet soup? Now you can help your little one brush up on her ABCs noodle and spoon-free with the eco-friendly Alphabet Soup ABC Plus Set set from Play To Learn. This introduction to the alphabet, patterns and colors is fun and eco-friendly, as each hand-embroidered stuffed letter is crafted with eco-felt, made from recycled plastic bottles. Colors vary, but all are bright and fun for little eyes and each set comes with an “ABC” red, green or blue bag. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly set, a simple set, which only lacks a bit of detail, is available, too. No matter the set, your child will adore having her very own “can” of alphabet soup made fresh full of educational and yummy fun that’s sure to please any tot for a long time to come.

+ Alphabet Soup ABC Plus Set $50

+ Alphabet Soup Simple Set $36

+ Play To Learn