If you’re tired of hunting down masking tape and pens to label your bottles of breast milk, then Eepples MilkCharms may be the perfect solution. Eepples are an eco-friendly way to date your pumped breast milk. The MilkCharm is a reusable, day & time breast milk freshness tracker for ANY standard baby bottle, and it’s sustainably made in the USA. Instead of writing directly on your bottles, you simply dial in the day (and time if you want to be exact), on the MilkCharm, place the charm on the bottle and put it in the fridge or freezer. MilkCharms are made with food grade polypropylene and silicone, and they are BPA and phthalate-free, 100% recyclable and manufactured using as much recycled material as possible. MilkCharms are also dishwasher safe, easy to use and super cute. With MilkCharms you’ll never have to guess about when you pumped milk again, plus once you’re done with breastfeeding, you can reuse the charms for saving and dating leftover food. One pack of three comes in various attractive color combinations.

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+ MilkCharm (pack of 3) $14.99

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