McConnell has made creative and creepy artisanal baked goods for several years, but this latest project is among her most complicated masterpieces. McConnell first studied an image of the house that was used in the filming of the movie. She then constructed the entire house out of cardboard to make sure that she could fully execute the daunting task of recreating it. Next, she used the cardboard pieces like a stencil to cut out the gingerbread cookie dough. When she put the masterpiece together, she did so without using any wooden supports, using only edible components for keeping everything together.

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She added amazing details such as a clock that runs backwards along the bottom of the piece, balconies, roof decorations, and other textural components that make the house look extremely and disarmingly realistic. Ever the multimedia artist, McConnell then photographed the house underwater using a GoPro and creating eerie, you-have-to-see-them-to-believe-them images.

While my kids (almost 6 and 8) would undoubtedly love this gingerbread house, they were totally freaked out during a preview for the movie, so my husband and I will be saving it for date night. Even if you don’t want to set your gingerbread house sights this high, this confection will definitely inspire you to up your haunted gingerbread house game for Halloween.

+ Christine McConnell

via Bored Panda

All images © Christine McConnell, via Bored Panda and Christine McConnell’s Instagram page