Elements Naturals baby wipes are the newest, eco-friendly disposable baby wipes on the market. Most mainstream baby wipes are a blend of polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, and rayon fibers. In green contrast, Elements Naturals are made from 100% Ingeo fibers, a plant based man-made fiber from annually renewable resources. Ingeo fibers are chemical free and they do not leach any harmful toxins into soil. Ingeo fibers production requires 68% less fossil fuel resources than traditional oil-based materials.

The production of Elements Naturals wipes, combined with the purchase of wind power-based Renewable Energy Certificates, means that these wipes use a total of 90% fewer greenhouse gases in their production than typical synthetic wipes. Elements Naturals wipes biodegrade fully in 180 days if they are deposited into a landfill. Elements Naturals are also fragrance-free, never tested on animals, chlorine-free, 100% compostable, and come in recyclable packaging.

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$5.99 Elements Naturals 100% Natural & Renewable Baby Wipes – 80 ct at Diapers.com (also available at a Whole Foods Market near you).

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