No matter what route you take, cloth, hybrid, disposable, or biodegradable — diapering is a dirty business. But luckily, green companies are answering the call of, ahem, “dooty,” by developing diapers that wreak a little less havoc on the environment. Elements Naturals will debut their new line of compostable diapers this August. Made from compostable plant-based fibers derived from renewable resources, they are unlike other disposable diapers on the market that are dubbed “natural,” because they are 3rd party certified, and they will naturally decompose completely after 90 days.

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Elements Naturals Compostable diapers are also free of synthetic chemicals, chlorine and fragrances, and they’re constructed with thermally neutral natural fibers (not the typical absorbent polymers that leave that can leave that icky crystal residue on Baby’s bum). Their super absorbent core is made with PEFC certified pulp from sustainably managed forests. Another eco perk: the diaper packaging is also made from compostable, plant-based starch.

Elements Naturals Compostable Diapers will be available in two sizes: MIDI for larger newborns and infants up to 6 months old, and MAXI for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years old.

Re-visit our post on Elements Naturals 100% Natural and Renewable Baby Wipes, and note their new packaging, as seen above.

Elements Naturals Compostable Diapers will be available via the Elements Naturals website and at natural supermarket retailers including Whole Foods this August. They will retail between $16.99-$17.99.

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