Babies and kids spend so many hours at ground level — whether they’re mastering tummy time, racing cars, or simply taking a breather from the “work” of growing. Ella Lou’s organic cotton and hemp playmats are good for all that and more, giving your child an early and beautiful lesson in geography. Currently available in San Francisco and New York City versions, the playmats cleverly feature kid-friendly favorite attractions such as the pier seals and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Central Park Zoo and Wall Street Zoo in NYC. These machine-washable playmats are screenprinted with non-toxic, water-based inks that are vivid enough to attract the attention of your little one at any age (and perhaps the attention of an envious park or playground playmate as well). Ella Lou will donate a month’s supply of soap to five families with each purchase through the Global Soap Project. Also on offer and along for the ride: a taxi or cable car push toy. Each playmat is 57 inches by 39 inches.

+ New York City Playmat $84.00

+ San Francisco Playmat $84.00

+ Ella Lou