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Your family, including certain pets, will be forever captured on these mini canvases, and the details such as braids, glasses, and beards are astonishing (and if we are going to be honest, a little headache-inducing: how DOES she get those stitches so small?).

Australian creator Sonia Lyne has combined her love for embroidery, portraiture, and all things little with Dandelyne, and we couldn’t be happier with these creative and unique portraits, which can be worn as a necklace, a brooch, or even revered as a wall hanging. It’s taking all of our willpower not to buy one of these mini masterpieces for every parent, grandparent, and pet owner we know! Extra bonuses: you get to pick details such as the background color for your portrait, hair style preference, even favorite color of shoes! Dandelyne offers free shipping worldwide.

+ Embroidered portrait necklace $42.19 and up, depending on family size

+ Dandelyne

via Cool Mom Picks