With growing trends toward tech gadgets for kids, starting in utero now, we love when we see timeless, old-fashioned toys reborn in a modern way. Enchanted Creatures from Mamma Couture take that homegrown feel from days past and give it a gorgeous makeover in the form of three stick animals: a unicorn, a dragon, and a horse. With these stick animals in hand, your child can take off on a magical adventure, even if that means chasing each other around in circles in the living room.

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Illustrator Laura Doff created these whimsical creatures as well as a beautiful backstory: “the Horse is dreaming of becoming a Dragon to bring light and warmth to every dark corner of the world. The Moon, moved by such a generous thought gives a piece of herself, transforming him in a Unicorn.” Each of the creatures is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and sits on a white-dipper wooden stick that begs to go riding for miles and miles — or at least until your child gets tired. The gentle color schemes of the creatures define their personalities. The dragon boasts a black and white design, the unicorn has a gorgeous multicolored mane and horn, and the surprisingly realistic horse takes on a textured and muted brown shade offset with black and white markings. The Enchanted Creatures are lovingly handcrafted in England and purposely come without a label to invoke that all-in-the family vibe — or as the designer explains, “It’s not about the brand, it’s about the bond that is created by giving or receiving Mamma Couture. This is where the real story – your story – begins.”

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